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  1. Bill55

    Post/share your non-Lucid other car(s)! (ICE-appreciation thread?)

    Here a few photos you might appreciate.
  2. Bill55

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    I am definitely not extrapolating. 2.9 miles kWh DE with 21s and no aero on wheels over 24,000 miles with vast majority being road trip 2.4 miles kWh Sapphire no aero on wheels over 3000 miles mostly road trip I make zero effort for efficiency and keep the cabin comfortable. Rarely use cruise...
  3. Bill55

    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    After several trips and many thousands of miles with almost zero EA issues, my road trip from Texas to SC was not quite as smooth. First stop only 1 of 4 chargers working and there was a car charging and 1 waiting. Drove to a nearby Shell Charge. Listed as 160kW it maxed out at 82kW. Charged...
  4. Bill55

    Home Charging Recommendations

    Pretty much every RV park has 14-50 plugs that are plugged and unplugged constantly. Many RVs pull full current just like an EV. Also, if you put a 14-50 plug in your garage and buy a plug in charger, it is going to be plugged in once, similar to a dryer. Then when you move you can easily...
  5. Bill55

    Call Volume Complaints (on the other end)

    With the most recent update I have been having significant issues with Phone calls. Volume changes dramatically for calls vs music and people can’t hear me. After calls, had to switch music sources to get music to play again. The issues were significant enough I used the iPhone speaker vs the...
  6. Bill55

    I hate the power rear sunshade controls

    I am in the camp of not a fan of this interface. I don’t hate it, but don‘t like it either. BMW has a single button for the driver than functions with a short press or long press to put up all three shades or just the rear. I have put up window shades more times on the Lucid checking that all...
  7. Bill55

    Home Charging Recommendations

    Are you also afraid of your Dryer plug? There is no significant fire risk from a 14-50 plug vs hard wired.
  8. Bill55

    Home Charging Recommendations

    Having the electrician run a 50amp circuit and installing a 14-50 plug, you will get 9.6kW. You can use the included cable as lowest cost option. There are a variety of chargers out there that work great to have a dedicated cable, I bought EA home charger, there is also charge point, juicebox...
  9. Bill55

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    Nice write up. Regen is not going to be a net plus to efficiency. The power used to get back to speed after slowing will be greater than the power generated during regen. Regen is definitely better than reducing speed using friction braking, but your overall efficiency is worse than if you were...
  10. Bill55

    Sapphire wheels & fitment

    I ask this question at delivery so this is from Lucid engineer. You could put 265s on the front of any air. The 295s on the rear would not fit a standard air. There are modifications to the car in addition to the flare pieces compared to the other air models. I have not yet pulled the rear...
  11. Bill55

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    I used 3.5 miles per 1%, but I have not driven in temps below freezing and probably not more than a few hundred below 40.
  12. Bill55

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    It would be nice to know the kW draw of the different sub systems. I estimate the parasitic draw during charging is about 600 watts. 0.6 kW. It‘s hard to get a good estimate for preconditioning. Temperature is going to have a significant impact.
  13. Bill55

    How Much Range Are You Actually Getting?

    Please don’t call a Model 3 and M3. One is an awesome car the other is a Tesla.😂
  14. Bill55

    Sticker Tires

  15. Bill55

    Home Charging Miles per Hour

    Thank you. Charging is in kWs. Not miles. Miles per kWh is not a set number and it varies widely.
  16. Bill55

    How many states has your Lucid been to?

    Sapphire is up to 7. CA, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX
  17. Bill55

    Sticker Tires

    Getting ready.
  18. Bill55

    Multiple cars on the same mobile key

    Both cars on same account and the app has worked very well. Now if I could just schedule when I want the car conditioned. 😁 Always something else.
  19. Bill55

    Vehicle to Home

    You don’t need utility approval for V2H.
  20. Bill55

    Sticker Tires

    Just in time delivery.