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  1. joec

    RESOLVED Locked OUT of car

    I would not be surprised if Lucid eventually started using a similar fob to the Gravity in the Air. But not until after Gravity ships. And it won’t be backwards compatible with current Airs. They will need to change some hardware in the car itself. So maybe with 2025 or 2026 models?
  2. joec

    Windshield Wiper

    I just want 5 manual speeds instead of 2. It would be nice if the auto “just worked.” But it doesn’t. So more manual speeds would be the easiest fix until it does.
  3. joec

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.47

    You have no idea how long people have been complaining about any particular feature. Or how many people. Or, most critically, how easy the fix is. There’s a lot that goes into prioritizing a software road map. What we see here on the forum is about 0.0001% of it.
  4. joec

    I hate the power rear sunshade controls

    That would be a nice compromise.
  5. joec

    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    Could not agree more. I would definitely pay a pretty penny to get guaranteed overnight L2 charging.
  6. joec

    Electrify America is enraging EV owners

    Well, credit where it’s due: they have started “fixing this stuff” as evidenced by the fact we get roughly a quarter of the complaints on this forum that we used to. They just still have a long way to go. They have about 3,700 chargers across America. Not easy to maintain 3,700 computers. And...
  7. joec

    FEATURE OTA Update 2.1.47

    It doesn’t need to be pushed in the same direction. But both BMWs and Teslas allow you to push in the same direction to cancel. You just never noticed.
  8. joec

    Spotify issue post 2.1.42

    It’s fairly well documented that Spotify has the worst sound quality of all the major streaming services.
  9. joec

    App Version 1.44.0

    I remember when Microsoft Word, the app, not a single Word document, fit on one floppy disk. (And @xponents is scratching his head, saying, “What’s a floppy disk?) You know, the save icon?
  10. joec

    Electrify America Complementary access for Air Pure Trim

    It goes without saying, despite us not being charged for idle fees, don't be THAT guy.
  11. joec

    New Lucid

    I have a Touring, and with normal temps I can definitely comfortably get 320 miles. So long as I cruise along under 75 mph. If it were me, I’d probably want to wait for the 2024 models at this point. But that depends on the configuration you want. I’d price one out with the specific features...
  12. joec

    New to Lucid - 18 month lease GT

    The 20s definitely look the best. Especially once you take the aero covers off.
  13. joec

    I hate the power rear sunshade controls

    I wonder if there's some mechanical reason why they need to be either all the way up or all the way down? I agree, it would be cool if you could switch directions mid-lift.
  14. joec

    What is the Chime sound after getting into the car after a few seconds

    I am strongly considering writing to Mike Bell asking him to add a mystery sound to the car at random intervals, just so we can keep having threads like these. The Lucid engineers must be laughing their butts off at us trying to figure this one out. Still haven't heard the chime, by the way.
  15. joec

    Turn off music when opening door?

    The problem with turning down the volume is that it doesn’t stop the music. It just mutes it. Super annoying if you were listening to a podcast and actually want to keep your place. Steering wheel button to pause is the simplest way to actually pause.
  16. joec

    Window Alert?

    My mother in law will sometimes accidentally push the window switch as she leans on the door to get up and out of the car. I usually catch it, but I wouldn’t mind some sort of warning. Or give us window controls in the app, and indicate when they are open, at least.
  17. joec

    App Version 1.44.0

    My large widget is still hanging in there so far. I suspect it’ll disappear sometime today, though.
  18. joec

    App Version 1.44.0

    I don’t know about Android, but on iOS, any update replaces the entire app. It’s not a patch, so to speak. It’s a new complete binary file.
  19. joec

    OTA Update 2.1.43 - ROBUST THIS! - Important PSA to Update to 2.1.43 ASAP or RIP

    Or they are just taking their time with this one once again, as it is so important for future updates. It’s clear a good number of us have gotten the update already. So it has been circulating. In batches. Like every other update they’ve ever done. That message is simply indicating they...