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    Off-Topic What Original Tesla reviewers think of CyberTruck?

    My wife had a Model 3, VIN 5xx. When she first got it, everyone wanted to see it. It didn't take long before nobody cared.
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    Off-Topic What Original Tesla reviewers think of CyberTruck?

    Possibly, but my wife seemed fine with it when it was first announced. I even had a reservation, until...Elon something something something.
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    Off-Topic What Original Tesla reviewers think of CyberTruck?

    I'd still get the Lucid. Since this is hypothetical and there are no other rules, I'd spend the rest on other cars that I could easily sell or give away, and use the rest of the money as I saw fit, which most likely would have meant keeping it invested. If the rules were more restrictive, I...
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    Off-Topic What Original Tesla reviewers think of CyberTruck?

    And minivans became popular because men felt emasculated driving around in station wagons. Vans has a macho image, and a minivan was a van....until it was a soccer mom's car. Meanwhile, women had enough sense to drive what made sense. That included station wagons, and later minivans, and it had...
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    Profile location?

    Somebody could open up a Los Gatos phone book, look up Mr Airplur, and try to steal your Lucid. Fortunately, there are probably far too many Mr Airplurs in the Los Gatos phone book for you to be at risk, but you can see how it might be a problem for some.
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    OTA Update 2.1.43 - ROBUST THIS! - Important PSA to Update to 2.1.43 ASAP or RIP

    It wouldn't make any business sense to randomize VINs, but there are potential reasons why cars might not be built in VIN order. I don't know what they might be for Lucid. When I got a Tesla in 2014, they were definitely not making them in VIN order. At the time, they had shut down the factory...
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    What are the exact differences between the Pure and Touring trims?

    It's easy enough to get the visors mostly out of the way. Pivot then to the side windows. Pull them toward the back, exposing as much of the metal rod as possible. Fold them inwards and upwards toward the roof, so they are above the side windows, blocking little of the actual glass. That keeps...
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    USB Media Problem

    To update what I said before, I found that with the Tesla, even if I remove the USB device, if I put it back in and go to USB audio, it acts as if it was never removed. With the Lucid, if I do that, it will reload, and when that finally finishes, it will resume where I left off. It will know...
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    Forget efficiency - Drive faster for just $6 per month!

    It's all relative. I have solar. I got solar back before Covid-19. That was before my wife worked from home on most days. I'm now retired, and she will retire within the next few years once she figures out when she wants to. An irony is that one of the things we look at are relative expenses and...
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    FEATURE Lucid Financial Services portal

    Has anybody gotten this to work with any data aggregators? They all seem to be set up for BofA, but we can't, as far as I know, log into a BofA web page.
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    Car Dealerships and EVs

    I have nothing against nevi, but naming a program after a nevus doesn't strike me as attractive.
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    Infinity Shield Garage Door Sensor

    I used to use something similar to this: With the Lucid front camera, I found that tape on the floor works. With my Tesla, tape in the rear works since the rear camera can stay on. When I did use the parking...
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    FEATURE Introducing RangeXChange V2V charging for Lucid

    I saw it happen once in 2014 at Harris Ranch. Another driver shouted out "next time, get a hybrid!" That driver did manage to make it all the way to the parking lot, and most likely knew that he was doing the EV equivalent of running on fumes. These days, a Tesla would have told him to slow down...
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    Is cutting prices a losing strategy?

    That's fine if you are home when the power goes out. I also have few outages but don't want to have any. As long as Lucid gets whatever approval is needed and they can get their equipment to work, then it might be good enough.
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    Infinity Shield Garage Door Sensor

    The other side has a storage closest, and the more room there is, the easier. With the other car that's typically there, it's easy enough to keep the rear camera on. With the Lucid, I ended up marking the floor in the front. That will work as long as I know it's for the Lucid only. I don't...
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    Android Auto Thursday

    Does anybody know who is working on it and how big the team is? I hadn't been looking at the job listings in the past so I don't know if this is a new one or how many positions had been filled in the past:
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    Is cutting prices a losing strategy?

    I could have saved money had I gotten the Powerwall when I got solar and would have needed fewer panels. At this point, the theoretical savings is from using battery energy at peak rate periods. But the nonbypassable charges have gotten high enough that my bill will be the same no matter how...
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    Is cutting prices a losing strategy?

    If you have an Air and are waiting for the Gravity to come out, then a home battery would be a better interim solution.
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    Is cutting prices a losing strategy?

    Others have pretty much explained it, but when there's a home battery, it gets more complicated. I found that even people who worked for the solar installer who fielded calls from customers didn't quite understand it. If you have a home battery and the power goes out, it can power your home...
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    Infinity Shield Garage Door Sensor

    I'd rather be able to see when the rear is clear rather than having each household member remember the clearance in inches for every car. Fortunately the Lucid is the only one with the problem but hopefully Lucid will have the problem fixed soon enough.