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    Tips for family road trip ?

    It’s just a car. Assuming the kid(s) have a modicum of home training, have fun with them and simply get the car detailed after your road trip. Speaking as a father of an 18 year old who definitely left some stains and dents in my cars growing up, the memories of how the spot on the carpet that...
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    Sapphire in September

    I was told those of us with a reservation will be offered test drives this summer.
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    Gravity Testing!

    I had a R500; it was an almost perfect vehicle, if you overlook the abysmal gas mileage. I called it The Family Truckster after NL’s Vacation. And I can’t wait for the Gravity to get here. Family Truckster II FTW.
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    Dream Ahead Tour coming to Tysons

    We live about 2 blocks from each other and hang out quite a bit.
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    Dream Ahead Tour coming to Tysons

    Our paths crossed. I brought my sister and my ex wife with me.
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    Trip from NJ to Atlanta via Columbia, SC

    How deep into the pack are you comfortable going, and NNJ or South Jersey?
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    Message to Senior Management, Board Members, and Shareholders. The reason why I canceled my order upon delivery

    Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. This letter should be the basis for a Masterclass on entitlement.
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    Second owners assemble!

    If you were heading south on Connecticut through Cleveland Park a little over an hour ago, our paths have crossed!
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    Second owners assemble!

    Not clear how to add my car to the list, but I have had no issues with my new to me AGT-P. I drove back to DC from Florida, and have road tripped to Boston and NYC. I don’t worry about EA, though they have been fairly reliable; I use whatever EVSE is nearest when I’m around 15% SOC.
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    All CarPlay apps work EXCEPT Apple Music

    Have you updated iOS?
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    what are you watching right now?

    Split screen between MSNBC and Fox is fascinating at the moment.
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    Lucid future and possible consequences

    The premise of the thread is that LCID would cease to exist as an ongoing concern, orphaning owners. Spin off or not, it ain’t gonna happen.
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    Lucid future and possible consequences

    This thread is simply absurd. Lucid is not going anywhere, quite apart from Saudi involvement. Why do I say this with utter certainty? They are picking up Dept of Defense contracts, one to electrify US Mil vehicles with standardized battery technology, and the second to develop an HV battery...
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    Lucid future and possible consequences

    This forum, with a couple of exceptions, is clearly not familiar with the Saudis and how they handle vanity projects. The PIF may take Lucid private, which would suck for shareholders, but that would not make a material difference to vehicle owners. Relax, enjoy the best car currently being...
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    Munro's first engineering evaluation of the Air

    Your brother is right, as far as Munro not doing the complete tear down on every car, but as I recall, Sandy was asked directly about why they have not torn down an Air while he was enjoying (more than) a few drinks at the LA (?) auto show.
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    Munro's first engineering evaluation of the Air

    It looks like they’ve started.
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    Munro's first engineering evaluation of the Air

    Interesting how a couple months ago, Sandy Munro said they would not be tearing down a Lucid because no other OEMs wanted to buy their research.
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    Daily Home Charging Best Practice

    I disagree. Having owned a couple Model Ss over the past ten years, nightly charging is a very good habit to develop, especially for a newbie EV driver. Moreover, Musk has said in the past that it wouldn’t hurt, and BMW explicitly recommends it. YMMV.
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    Daily Home Charging Best Practice

    ABC, with apologies to Glengarry Glen Ross, really means Always Be Charging. Plug your car in every night at home, with a max charge of 80%, and you should have excellent battery life and health