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  1. niejelow

    Pre conditioning battery

    For people who live in cold climates I personally think it would be advantageous to have the preconditioning initiated in the mobile app. This way you can achieve maximum benefit on your way to the charging station or your plug in at home. Techs say that in cold weather it take up to 30 minutes...
  2. niejelow

    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    you answered your own question
  3. niejelow

    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    I can’t believe that. The functionality from a reliability standpoint is meager. What helped once was that I disconnected the antenna behind the back seat and reinstalled it after 15 minutes. Worked for a week. Then Murphy’s law attacked again.
  4. niejelow

    What would you like to see from the Lucid mobile app?

    Do you have a Wi-Fi connection to the lucid charger just like Sonos has to it’s controller??
  5. niejelow

    What would you like to see from the Lucid mobile app?

    No between both screens top and bottom. So you can control the audio output, station and navigation independently.
  6. niejelow

    Ceramic coating, window tinting, and wraps

    You can put your toll transponder on the rear window right next to the rear brake light. It works perfectly. This way it’s not an ugly eyesore in the lower right hand corner.
  7. niejelow

    What would you like to see from the Lucid mobile app?

    The ability to have split screens Navigation on one and music on the other
  8. niejelow

    [RESOLVED] Does your front footwell woofer work properly?

    How did you determine that there is a subwoofer in the footwell? I only know of one subwoofer location. Rear trunk panel.
  9. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    The temperature comparison was specifically done in a controlled environment so not to have additional variables affect the comparison. Car went in for a recall and the sensor was replaced. Lucid compared the old and new sensor and the old sensor was exactly off by 5 degrees in (higher). Should...
  10. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    I can only speak to the inaccuracy of the lucid. I am using a scientific thermometer with a degree of accuracy of +- .01. This is the same temperature register I have used in my manufacturing facility where monitoring temperature fluctuation is critical. I have placed this temperature register...
  11. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    I have the verification sensor placed on the same level as the Lucid sensor which is behind the front bumper. I completely agree with your hypothesis that there maybe some residual heat emanating from possibly the battery. In any case the interior temperature is regulated by the combination of...
  12. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    I beg to differ. The delta for exterior temperature is a constant 5-6 degrees. All my other vehicles I own are within one degree.
  13. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    I forgot to mention turn on the rear heating and it will balance the cabin temperature out more evenly. The rear is always turned off and needs to be manually engaged.
  14. niejelow

    Cold weather Cabin Temperature

    I agree that the glass canopy dissipates heat. However it feels more like a draft once under way. In addition thermal conductivity through the canopy would not be that fast. As to the other post of wind noise it’s not wind noise it’s the tires as the are summer rated not winter rated. Thus the...
  15. niejelow

    Lucid Sirius drop breaks Alexa? Alexa is Dead?

    Did you solve the SXM problem ? If not go to applications tapSXM delete it and reinstall it.
  16. niejelow

    Give Kudos to Lucid

    I have been in manufacturing most of my life. Having produced product for top 5 tech companies and understanding the growing pains of new product releases the short comings or faults that the Lucid vehicle has had can certainly be frustrating. Having said that the responsiveness of the tech team...
  17. niejelow

    Sirius XM

    Lucid and SiriusXM to Introduce SiriusXM Across Full Vehicle Lineup and previous owners. All new and existing Lucid owners will get access to SiriusXM's comprehensive audio entertainment offering, along with a free 3-month trial subscription Beta version of SiriusXM to launch in Lucid vehicles...
  18. niejelow

    Survey: Your plans for exterior paint protection

    Actually the dealers are incorrect the paint is very hard thus chipping and scratching is readily visible.