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  1. borski

    Software Bugs

    You’re right, don’t fix it
  2. borski

    Android Auto Thursday

    That’s not how that works.
  3. borski

    To Spare or not to Spare

    I have had zero issues with my 21" tires across 13k miles now. Funnily enough, the two nails I got were in my 19s.
  4. borski

    For Sale, 2022 Air Grand Touring. Zenith Red

    It's not supposed to, but empirically it seems to have thus far, for the used Lucid drivers I know. Of course, that may end at some point when Lucid eventually gets around to fixing it, but who knows if they care 🤷‍♂️
  5. borski

    Annual Service

    From the manual: So you have to get the recalls done either way, and you really should just get the annual maintenance done.
  6. borski


    Yup. But you could also just call service and depending on the location that is probably preferable. The app has a list of service centers and phone numbers, and you can select your preferred (aka closest) one.
  7. borski

    Plugging In

    Weird. I have noticed EVGo has far better cables on extendable ropes, so it doesn’t have this issue at all. It’s a better design for sure.
  8. borski

    Release Version Megathread

    Happens occasionally. Text CS and ask them to repush.
  9. borski

    How to remove key FOB Battery Cover

    I use my fingernail or a spudger 🤷‍♂️ https://a.co/d/ivJhZxZ
  10. borski

    To Spare or not to Spare

    There are three options, which came out in this order: EZSpare, Modern Spare, and EVSportline. Many have gotten the EZSpare because it was the first (and only, at the time). Some like the look of the Modern Spare better. EVSportline’s claim to fame is “We tested other spare kits and...
  11. borski

    RESOLVED Is motor whine normal?

    Meanwhile, I want it 😂
  12. borski

    Getting ‘locked’ into car

    Oh, sorry, I misread the earlier post. I thought it wasn’t unlocking because you’d walked away with the key/phone and it locked, so I suggested just pushing the door handle in. My bad!
  13. borski

    Getting ‘locked’ into car

    You can unlock it from either the drivers door or the passengers door by pushing in the door handle. I do it all the time.
  14. borski

    Lucid Air Pure - Drive Dream Basic

    I mean, you can absolutely get the car you want. You’d just have to order it and wait like most of us did. :)
  15. borski

    [Trade][AZ] Model S Plaid for Lucid Air GT

    “Utilization is limited to high-traffic situations during daylight, with speeds under 40 MPH, and drivers must be available to resume control — so you can't go in the back seat and sleep, for example. To enforce that, the vehicle tracks the driver with an in-car monitor, and you'll need to take...
  16. borski

    Charger FAQ/Explanation

    Page 22 of the manual that came with the LCHCS: https://store.lucidmotors.com/content/Lucid_Connected_Home_Charging_Station_Guide_v2022.37(US)_(fr-CA).pdf
  17. borski

    RESOLVED Is motor whine normal?

    Nobody said it was necessary, heh. But I do think it was intentional, similar to the differing color schemes in the front and back.
  18. borski

    Getting ‘locked’ into car

    Also, if you have child safety locks on the doors won’t open from the inside unless there is a loss of power. If the vehicle loses power, you can open every door using the interior door handles.
  19. borski


    For service, I text with my service guys. For CS, I text with CS. I almost never call.
  20. borski

    Backup Camera battle with Garage Door Opener

    MyQ changed some APIs and got rid of their web interface. While they did that, they temporarily blocked some specific user agents. I got around it on Home Assistant h changing the user agent but then they fixed it anyway. I’d recommend reaching out to LiveKey, as theirs is the integration...