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    Drive System Warning

    I had this happen pretty regularly last October - they took it in and couldn't reproduce it. Over the winter it pretty much stopped happening - only to surface for the first time in months this last weekend. Last time I had it in, they claimed there wasn't any telemetry that would help them...
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Yes, a few of us have, from the looks of it. No update ready to be installed yet, I'm assuming it'll show up for me later today or tomorrow.
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    Greetings from Seattle

    just a note - join the Seattle subforum here.
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    Arizona heat & charging question

    Thanks all - yes we're putting in a giant solar array so definitely will help offset any active cooling we do. The garage shares only the N wall with the house, and otherwise fully exposed. I think we're going to go with a separate split-unit so we can keep a lid on the high temps, and...
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    oops, maybe I should've posted this here instead - https://lucidowners.com/threads/arizona-heat-charging-question.4809/
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    Arizona heat & charging question

    I'm building a house in Scottsdale and just heard a story secondhand about heat affecting EVs. The story is that a new EV owner couldn't get their car to charge because their garage was too hot - they were getting overheat warnings. I've never heard of this - is this a thing? Do folks have to...
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    New scheduled charging feature -- how is it supposed to work?

    Same. 4am charge set and nothing this morning. sitting in the car and removing the schedule - it immediately began charging.
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    How many miles /hr are you guys getting on your home charger?

    Same - 90 amp breaker (don't ask). 1 mi/min. I kinda wish they'd keep it in mi/hr until the math gets too crazy.
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    Homelink issue/desire

    "Geofenced homelink". Yeah!
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    Seattle Area

    It's great, pretty darn fast. I can walk into QFC and get 5 things, walk out and have +150mi. The charger upkeep is abysmal - while they have 8 stations (4 charger banks x 2 cables), only one side charges at a time. Usually at least 1, sometimes 2 banks are offline/down. So while there are 8...
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    Seattle Area

    Drove to the local pharmacy this weekend on Sand Point Way and parked in front - only to see a Lucid GT in my same color (red) parked 3 spaces away! I wanted to catch the other driver & compare notes but didn't happen. This any of you?
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    No Neutral

    yep, done it previous, can't remember how offhand - keep pulling down on the shift stick?
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    No Neutral

    so what happens when you pull the stick and it shows neutral on the dashboard? You're saying it's still engaged?
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    Seattle Area

    yup, mostly 40s&50s, nights low 40s and upper 30s. Cold snaps where it's high/upper 30s and low/freezing. A cold snap or two where it'll touch 15.
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    Backup Camera battle with Garage Door Opener

    Agree @AZ-Don - same exact issue - garage + gate and backup cameras. I'm waiting for the day that they a) show the homelink somewhere that isn't overlaid by the cameras, b) leave the homelink screen on longer when I arrive (it disappears after pressing gate but before I can press garage, so I...
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    Too many things tied to driver profile

    Don't forget HomeLink - my wife just discovered she can't get in the gate or garage because her profile doesn't have it set up! How wonky is that.
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    Received my Tesla Tap

    I've used the mini with my Tesla charger and had zero problems.
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    Release Version Megathread

    updates coming faster and furious-er. Hopefully some UX updates coming soon?
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    Seattle Area

    it's funny, I like being the car that everyone is seeing for the first time - but I live within 2 miles of U Village so these test drives are spoiling my fun!
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    Seattle Area

    I want to double-down on my ceramic coat recommendation - went back to Eastside Auto Salon Monday afternoon to have Joey walk me through my first wash. No use putting all that work into creating perfect surface and then screw it up with wrong products/wash process. Joey the owner was waiting...