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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    received the email but no OTA yet.
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    Vampire Drain over 1 Month

    I left my Lucid Air Grand Touring in my garage unplugged for 30 days. Fobs were stored in Faraday bags. On return from travel, I am happy to say that I calculated the phantom drain per day at 1.9 miles. Way better than I expected.
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    Intermittent wiper issues?

    I am also on the wrong coast and we've (thankfully) been having a lot of rain recently. Agree that the "auto" wiper settings are not working well or consistently as I have experienced similar situations to all of the above drivers. I have loved my auto wipers on my last vehicles (both Lexus)...
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    I, too, love my AGT and love that it continues to improve with OTA updates. I also continue to be grateful to all the experts on this forum who suggest ways to work around some of the annoying software bugs. I will simply second the thoughts of al the other owners on this forum .... NO...
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    SiriusXM Megathread

    Ditto ... me too ...
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    SiriusXM Megathread

    Me too. Worked great first day. Then nada.
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    Munro on 14-50 outlets for EV charging, and other worries

    I've been very happy with Wallbox Pulsar Plus. You can use with either Wifi or Bluetooth which is an advantage in my garage which doesn't have reliable Wifi. Others on the forum also have this charger.
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    ChargePoint et al

    I have found that Chargepoint and EVGo both work well and are easy to set up on the phone. Download the apps and they walk you through simple set up. Both have worked for me since EA started failing. PlugShare is also recommended as it rates various stations and identifies all the different...
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    Zenith Red Touring

    Welcome to the forum. I have a Lucid Air Grand Touring in Zenith Red. I love the color. I have no idea about lead time for Touring. You might check the forum thread for tracking Touring orders and deliveries. It was once the hot spot for all us AGT owners who waited many months for...
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    Software Update 2.0.19

    I have found that Chargepoint and EVGo both work and it's easy to set up accounts with both.
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    EA Megathread

    Here is the response I received last evening from Lucid CC when I inquired again about the status of EA charging failures.
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    EA Problems

    I'm in the same situation exactly. Also on 2.0.20. Other local chargers including EVGo and Chargepoint work fine to charge as of yesterday (I went around checking them and setting up accounts as I have a long drive trip upcoming and wanted to ensure I could charge as needed without using EA)...
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    Lucid Air charging rate on 350 KW fast charger

    I must say one of the biggest surprises to me (this is my first EV) is how "random" the charging speeds are, even at the newest EA stations. I have had faster charging at a 50 kW charger than at a 350 kW charger right next to each other in the same station. We have a lot of other chargers in...
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    SoCal OC meetup!

    I feel the same way!
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    Floor mats!

    Me too!
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    EA Megathread

    Your first paragraph reads like my numerous EA charging experiences up until I had my first failure today! Don't start feeling really lucky like me .... it may bring bad karma!
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    EA Megathread

    Me too!
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    EA Megathread

    MY FIRST EA CHARGE FAILURE! On 2.0.20 as of this morning. I must admit I was feeling quite lucky reading about the various EA charge failures as I had charged at nearby EA many times with no issues. This afternoon I tried and failed to charge on two different EA chargers at a station near my...