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    Callout to anyone in the NY area-Clean Pass

    It was the same process as when I purchased a used 911 from a dealer in San Diego.
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    NY and EV Rant of the day

    You will not have to. Lucid has you complete the paperwork, collects the registration fee and sales tax and sends to NY. Your car comes with AZ temp plates and your NY plates arrive a few weeks later.
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    Callout to anyone in the NY area-Clean Pass

    Your car gets delivered to you with AZ temp plates but Lucid does take care of registering your car in NY, they collect and pay NY sales tax and registration costs and your plates and sticker come in the mail. It takes a few weeks to get the NY plates.
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    Callout to anyone in the NY area-Clean Pass

    I have had this battle for some time with the state and emailed the Governor--no one cares. They tied rebates and HOV usage to only dealer sold cars. a big win for the lobbyists. In NY it makes more sense to allow a $200k hybrid that gets 17 miles electric to use the HOV bit not a Lucid or...
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    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    I just ordered them. I don't know how long they were available. I wish Lucid would have sent out an email about these.
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    NY and EV Rant of the day

    That is correct. NY does not allow direct sales by manufacturers. except for 5 Tesla locations that were allowed as part of a settlement. The cars in the Lucid showrooms don’t even have prices on them. You have to go online and configure the car.
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    Drive System Warning

    I just had this same thing happen. my car is being towed from Long Island to Massachusetts
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    Speculation "Since Last Charge" is confusing and pointless

    I have the same numbers on since last charge, trip A and trip B 3.3 m/kw
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    NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air

    I left a little before noon. I did meet someone with a red GT and was hanging a bit around the GT brought there by Lucid
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    CarPlay stopped working

    carplay is working for music and Waze. For calls, I am having a problem. It takes the call or makes the call but I get no volume on the Lucid speakers. I have to change the phone settings to the phone speaker even though the call is shown through carplay. any suggestions?
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    NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air

    I will likely see you there. Black GT. bringing my grandson who loves cars.
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    Key Fob Lanyard

    That is what I do. I have not taken the valet card out of the box they came in.
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    Bobby Reset

    I finally figured out how to do that and after months of being down, got my Sirius back. I was trying to switch profiles on the large screen and did not have the option. I saw a post referencing the upper right screen and there it was! Easy
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    Hunting wild Lucid Airs

    For a while I was one of the few around on LI, but I am starting to see more.
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    Warning: Eye strain, Split vision, and headache for tall drivers

    i am 6'3" and find myself trying to look above or below the trouble area. I would rather not have to explain why I need to wear sunglasses at night. i am hoping there is a tint or other treatment that they come up with to remedy the problem.
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    Sound System Fault

    not to be confused with the Original :)
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    I received notice of the update at 4:30 this morning, cleared the notification and then went to the app to download and it was not there. who do you call to get it resent? Nevermind, called customer care. They confirmed the download failed and are resending.
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    Warning: Eye strain, Split vision, and headache for tall drivers

    Anyone get a response on this? I wrote Lucid to get on the "list" of people with this issue but have not had a response.
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    NY and EV Rant of the day

    Not a dealer. NY will not allow direct sales of EVs. Until that changes or Lucid decides to have dealer franchisees we are stuck. The auto dealer network has a strong lobbying group. Add that to political leadership that is trying to balance climate issues v. the dealer network and Unions...
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    NY and EV Rant of the day

    Tesla was grandfathered in for 5 sales offices in NY when the restrictions were put in place to protect car dealers. The rest are just showrooms where they can not sell you a car.