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  1. Scott in AZ

    Lucid Sirius drop breaks Alexa? Alexa is Dead?

    I used Sirius once and it quit working. Somewhere I got a message that my trial had ended. I figure they started the trial when I got the car, not when we got the ota. On a chat with them and giving them name, address, phone #, and Vin she had me go to siriusxm.com/vinlookup. That gave me...
  2. Scott in AZ

    Phone connection

    Is there a way to set so that car doesn't auto answer an incoming call?
  3. Scott in AZ

    Can I reset, is there any point?

    Charging and EA wouldn't recognize my car. EA support started the charge remotely. Lucid service said it was an EA problem and they were fixing. Since then it has worked so I guess EA corrected the problem.
  4. Scott in AZ

    Emergency brake, pedestrian brake, other safety features?

    Well it probably saved me a fender bender. Backing out of a parking space (not paying attention like I should) it braked and wouldn't let me move, at least for long enough to catch my attention.
  5. Scott in AZ

    I think I need the "Plus Size" model

    Okay what brand? Does it fit?
  6. Scott in AZ


    I will be there if possible.
  7. Scott in AZ


    Scott in AZ
  8. Scott in AZ

    Will EVs make much difference re. global warming?

    There was a big improvement in air quality when few were driving because of Covid closures.
  9. Scott in AZ

    Lucid Air for free?

    Sure, but I have trouble getting it to charge.
  10. Scott in AZ

    Insurance Megathread

    Mine is with American National for just over $1300 a year, with 250,000 500,000 limits. $10/6 months for roadside asst/windshield repair. Lol I fully expected that to go up after they replace any windshields. When he first put in my Vin, it came up as Lucid Air Air.
  11. Scott in AZ

    Lucid Air for free?

    I can't believe it! A total stranger gave me a brand new Lucid Air, absolutely free!!!! I was charging when he stopped and gave it to me. Said he had been looking for a Lucid owner to give it to.
  12. Scott in AZ

    Time to be honest and tell the truth

    I watched the Edmunds test drive. They got 505 on close to real world type roads, with 19" (not 21") tires. That is closer to EPA stats than any other car tested (ICE, or EV)!
  13. Scott in AZ


    I HAVE to like that reply
  14. Scott in AZ

    1,000 Mile Review - Outstanding Vehicle...But

    I'm 71 and thought it was a little difficult, but got used to it. They could make it easier but I think that would mess with the aerodynamics.
  15. Scott in AZ

    Crash Testing?

    I don't think I'll go out and try to roll mine!
  16. Scott in AZ


    I paid $1124 for license which is less than 1% of price.
  17. Scott in AZ


    I got ppf and ceramic coat. After a road trip with bugs on the front, they wiped off with just a damp cloth. Expensive but worth it imo.
  18. Scott in AZ


    Yeah I was told that the plates were no longer issued but when I got my plates guess what! Yup I got alt fuel plate.
  19. Scott in AZ


    No, I just hadn't read the later posts to see that you didn't have yours yet. Definitely stay on forum. The waiting can be tough, right?
  20. Scott in AZ


    Guess I haven't seen you around. I'm at Signal Butte and Guadalupe. The only other Lucid I've seen nearby was parked outside of Charlestons