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  1. DeaneG

    EA noob questions

    There actually is/was a mention of the two cable thing on EA's website, but I didn't read it until too late either 😉
  2. DeaneG

    Charger FAQ/Explanation

    That's what I have as well.
  3. DeaneG

    How often rotate tires ?

    I've often felt that brand new tires seem quiter than worn tires.
  4. DeaneG

    Tesla 1772 universal charger

    Tom Moloughney's review was very positive. Possibly a good choice for households with a Lucid and a Tesla. https://insideevs.com/reviews/686375/tesla-universal-wall-connector-review/
  5. DeaneG

    2023 Software Updates

    This doesn't seem like the kind of thing a user would be able to discern easily in daily driving.
  6. DeaneG

    The Nouvelle Batterie Club

    All new cars come with some low number of miles on them, usually below 50.
  7. DeaneG

    Pleasant service review by Out Of Spec Dave

    One takeaway I had was that Dave had put over 15K miles on his Air using only DC fast charging. A confirmation that while the current state of CCS isn't great, it is workable. And for me, worth the tradeoff to be able to drive a nicer car.
  8. DeaneG

    Android Auto Thursday

    You can also get Google's Waze app natively in a car by buying one with Google's suite of automotive apps (GAS). Polestar and Volvo currently, others to come.
  9. DeaneG

    Unreliable speed limit displayed

    Agreed. FWIW our Volvo EV reads signs and acts very similarly to the Air.
  10. DeaneG

    Newbie buying Lucid Air Touring - Question regarding charger

    This will let you use both without plugging/unplugging, which is not a good long-term idea: https://getneocharge.com/products/neocharge-smart-splitter
  11. DeaneG

    Gravity or Model X?

    The Model X is an 8-year-old design. And at least among me, Tesla is notorious for being behind on safety and and comfort items common in other cars: blind spot warning in side mirrors, 360 cams, ultrasonic sensors. It took Tesla nine years to introduce GPS waypoints in navigation, fifteen years...
  12. DeaneG

    Newbie buying Lucid Air Touring - Question regarding charger

    @hawkeyedesi given your existing situation, I'd just have an electrician hardwire a Chargepoint Home Flex, or Enelex Juicebox 40, or Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charging station to the existing circuit. Costco sells the Juicebox 40 at a reasonable price.
  13. DeaneG

    Release Version Megathread

    Generally it's not a good idea to let your car fall far behind the update stream. Updates may contain diagnostics, etc. that you want, but don't know about.
  14. DeaneG

    Ground clearance not a problem...

    We were traveling quite slowly when on dirt to avoid washed-out areas, ruts and large potholes. We didn't have any trouble with rocks hitting the car's rocker areas. The car's body sides do tuck in at the bottom, but the wheel wells are still wide enough there to stop rocks from hitting the car...
  15. DeaneG

    Ground clearance not a problem...

    The first photo was on the north side of Carrizo Plain national monument, here: 35.275811, -119.841756 The second photo was at the Hi-View trailhead, west of Joshua Tree national park: https://goo.gl/maps/jVsfBw6JUEmeZkhH8
  16. DeaneG

    Tesla's Model 3 refresh: still behind but no longer a terrible car?

    Stalks, Radar, ultrasonic parking sensors, and those little things the Model 3 never had: blind spot warning lights in the side mirrors, 360-deg parking cams.
  17. DeaneG

    New Pure owner from Bay Area!

    Just certain EA dispensers in my experience. The next one over may work fine.
  18. DeaneG

    Rawlinson Highest paid CEO in industry

    I don't know the answer to this, but will say that we all make mistakes, and once realized we try to learn from them.
  19. DeaneG

    Lucid Home Charging Installation Complete

    Always wise to get a few quotes, as you are doing. You get a sanity check on pricing and possibly some better ideas on ways to solve your problem.
  20. DeaneG

    New Pure owner from Bay Area!

    I've had this happen many times in my Air. Never in our other EV. Was this your first time DC fast charging your Air?