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  1. RNO-GT


    I'm moving from Austin to Reno next month. Anybody else in Reno? -TIM
  2. RNO-GT

    Spotted: Gold with 21" Blades parked at the Austin ZaZa Hotel Tuesday night (2/14)

    Is this anybody on here? I like how the valets parked it out front, it was getting a lot of attention. I live in the apartments upstairs above the ZaZa. Let me know if you wanna grab a drink on the 7th floor bar. -TIM
  3. RNO-GT

    CarPool Lane Sticker Easy On/Off

    Interesting. Ponch and Jon musta been having a bad day. Or really needed to make their quota.
  4. RNO-GT

    CarPool Lane Sticker Easy On/Off

    Has anybody actually gotten a car pool violation ticket for not having these dumb stickers on the car? In California specifically.
  5. RNO-GT


    Driver Monitoring Unavailable error! I'm on 2.0.33 and this error has popped up a few times. It has not happened prior to this update and I don't see anything that is physically blocking the camera. Anybody else?
  6. RNO-GT

    2.0.24 Software Update

    Totally agree on your #3! The seats should adjust before you get in the car. I can't squeeze into my wife's profile.
  7. RNO-GT

    GPS / location not working, stuck

    My GPS was also stuck. I think I was on 2.0.18 at the time. I tried the key card reset with no immediate luck. However the next morning the problem was gone and things were back to normal. Below are the instructions Customer Service sent me on how to perform the Key Card Reset: You could give...
  8. RNO-GT

    2.0.24 Update

    I’ve experience this drift perception myself. However am I just not as good at centering myself in the lane as her? Perhaps I’m more biased to the left seat??
  9. RNO-GT

    2.0.24 Update

    Just got back from a 160 mile road trip on version 2.0.24. I did notice the first time I got in the car after the update, the cameras were very slow. However, since then I haven't noticed any lag. The turn signal screens are also still instant. HA worked well except for when I wanted to change...
  10. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    I installed .24 last night. After the install I only moved the car from one side of the parking garage over to the charging station but the cameras were very slow to come on. We are headed out soon for a little 80 mile road trip. We'll see.
  11. RNO-GT

    Tidal Help Please

    I'm on 2.0.18 and no Tidal Radio. But, I gave up on playlists because of that reason, so haven't tried them on 2.0.
  12. RNO-GT

    Tidal Help Please

    It's been a while, anybody have any insight into why the Tidal Radio stations do not show up in the car?
  13. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    Ha! Yeah sorry about that. I was on my phone. Darn autocorrect.
  14. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    Just lost the Speedo screen. I’m on 2.0.18 since Friday. Had Mobil service out today to check on the frozen navigation screen, when he arrived it magically fixed itself. Soo waiting for a text back from customer care.
  15. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    I used HA for about an hour on the freeway yesterday for our road trip. I'm surprised how hard the car would fight me when changing lanes even with my turn signal on. This made for less than smooth lane changes. Also, I lost the nav on the trip home the next morning. It froze after hitting the...
  16. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    Just finished installing 2.0.15! Haven't driven her yet because it's raining and she's clean. But wow! She finally remembers what time zone I'm in! We're road trippin' tomorrow, can't wait!
  17. RNO-GT

    2.0.15 - The MOAU - Mother Of All Updates

    Literally just got the notification and started the 2.0.15 update!!! Will this one change the button locations? I got 2.014 on Tuesday in case anyone is wondering.
  18. RNO-GT

    Software update V2.0.13

    Can you please tell me the version number for the "Big Kahuna"? I'm on 2.0.14 now.
  19. RNO-GT

    We are out here in Austin since January, still have our house back in Encinitas. Will probably...

    We are out here in Austin since January, still have our house back in Encinitas. Will probably be back in SD mid next year. Do you see many Lucids out there?
  20. RNO-GT

    SW 2.0

    LOL, I guess I'll have to give that a try because I checked all my settings and Profile Detection was ON. However, I reset my phone connection, we'll see what happens.