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  1. Boomer AZ


    Heading to Phoenix today for lunch. Yes, 125 mile each way. The George and Dragon Pub for authentic fish and chips. Should be there at 12:30 or so. Will try to park the Lucid prominently in front. Will miss the September 30th Lucid event. Will be in Italy collecting Amarone.
  2. Boomer AZ


    I got a MrCool DIY mini-split from Costco.com
  3. Boomer AZ

    Kenya imports Rivian R1T and modified into 4 row seaters

    Well to just name a few. Interior trim pieces falling off. Truck bed cover jamming and needing to wait months while it was redesigned. OTA updates that failed and required service to get the system rebooted. Connectivity issues. Go tho Rivisn’s version of this forum for more details.
  4. Boomer AZ

    Kenya imports Rivian R1T and modified into 4 row seaters

    Two close friends have Rivians. I see what they go thru with their vehicles. I’ve done a couple of safaris in Africa. The usual safari vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser because it is rugged and easily repaired in the field. Cellular coverage doesn’t exist. So having a Rivian safari vehicle...
  5. Boomer AZ

    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    Just got mine and installed immediately. They just popped in. Designed for easy in and out. They look great. Smooth fabric, looks like factory install. After the present run storm, will go out looking for sun. (Ny excuse to drive around.)
  6. Boomer AZ

    Charging manners: should you educate folk hogging to 100% SOC ?

    Heading to Prescott, AZ from LA, the last EA charger before Prescott is Quartzite. The next to last EA charger is Indio. Knowing how bad Quartzite is, and that it must be avoided at all cost, I charge in Indio. I need to charge to 90% to make it home. I stay with the vehicle. I would say...
  7. Boomer AZ

    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    They shipped to me today out of Texas
  8. Boomer AZ

    Lucid Air Sunshade, Glass Canopy — Now Available

    Ordered! Arizona sun! Make the wifey happy.
  9. Boomer AZ

    Damage from an entry gate, $20,000 repair!!! (local certified Lucid shop.)

    I was thinking the same thing. Whose gate is it? If the gate malfunctioned, then it is on them. If you were tailgating thru, then your issue. As the keeper of my HOA gate, there should be a coil in the road to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle. Is there one there? If you think it...
  10. Boomer AZ

    Charging Speed

    I assume the second side of the 350kW charger wasn’t in use since they power share. Thanks you just saved me a day traveling to Phoenix in 117° heat.
  11. Boomer AZ

    Charging Speed

    Have you used an EVgo 350kW charger? If so, was it faster than EA? I’m considering a 2 hour drive to Phoenix just to try one.
  12. Boomer AZ


    ADOT to host virtual public meeting July 18 on the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Plan 2023 Update The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will host a virtual public meeting July 18 on the 2023 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Plan Update. The...
  13. Boomer AZ

    Chargepoint Home Flex unit issues maybe solved

    I guess I was an early user, likely after me, too many asked for replacements. I think Chargepoint says it’s a Lucid issue.
  14. Boomer AZ

    Chargepoint Home Flex unit issues maybe solved

    I had this issue with my Chargepoint. They replaced the unit and now I have had no issues for the last 9 months.
  15. Boomer AZ

    Fastest EV Charging Study

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
  16. Boomer AZ

    Charging karma

    See attached from the EA station in Indio. All stations were functional. She blocked station 3 while using the cable from station 2. I’m in station 1. The lady was inside Wallyworld (Walmart). Waiting BMW was pissed
  17. Boomer AZ

    Steering Wheel Button Issue

    While my steering wheel was being replaced for the button that fell out, my technician told me the following. When this problem first appeared, the plan was to just replace the button. Then things changed to replacing the steering wheel. They thought it was due to the small broken piece of...
  18. Boomer AZ

    Alert Message: Front Camera Failure

    I’ve had similar issues. Not for the last month. A reboot seemed to fix it.
  19. Boomer AZ

    RESOLVED AGT stops charging

    Hhhmmm. Maybe having glitches and short power drop outs from your power company? Might interrupt the charge. Either the charger or Lucid. Does it stop charging every time now?