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    Rear Seating

    Another video has been posted in which the reviewer specifically noted that the rear seating position in the Air with the larger battery pack is uncomfortable. Although this reviewer is generally enthusiastic about Lucid, this particular video is off base in comparing the tri-motor Plaid to the...
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    Did you know? (and do you care?)

    Minor tidbits about the Air keep cropping up in press articles. Motor Trend showed a close-up of the 21" aero wheels and said the black infills are removable. According to Peter Jenkins, they allow enough airflow for brake cooling during sedate driving but not for track use.
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    Egg on Face Edition

    Electrify America has ignited a firestorm by shutting down chargers along I-95 on Labor Day to commence installation of upgraded equipment. There is debate, among other things, about whether EA gave users adequate notice of such a widespread shutdown on a major holiday...
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    One more shoe to drop . . . ?

    Alex Guberman, a frequent visitor to Lucid HQ, posted a brief video a couple of days ago of a drag race between a Lucid Air and a Tesla Model S Performance Raven. In a subsequent podcast by "InsideEVs", Dominick Yoney (who I think administers this forum) said they had more information about the...
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    Well, that was weird . . .

    I just got the "special invitation" for the September 9 launch, which invites reservation holders to customize their launch experiences. The launch will be at 6 p.m. PDT, which means it will be a late start for us east coasters. The strange thing, though, was the choices given to customize the...
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    Lucid Air Features and Configuration Questions

    Several things are already reasonably clear about the Lucid Air: it will be fast; it will have 400+ miles of highway range; it will be roomy; it will handle well; the dual-motor version will be expensive ($100K+).. That leaves a lot of questions for people who might be seriously interested in...