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    2.0.52 Range Calculation

    I am finding the estimate for the miles remaining at the destination has greatly improved. I travel between two homes and there is a change in elevation. One way I use up about 120 miles and the other way about 170 miles. Somehow, the mileage usage estimate knows this and is giving me accurate...
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    Rear door sunshade rattle

    that's what I am doing as well and it is fine
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    Rear door sunshade rattle

    This is the best car I've ever owned so don't mind a few minor issues. My Maserati is getting little use these days.
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    Hello from Manhattan

    Congratulations on both fronts. UWS here with agt. Love all the positive vibes I get driving around the city but don't think I'm ever going to park on the street.
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    Lucid’s opportunity to create brand ambassadors

    Just not enough to be meaningful and Lucid didn't have the time to build up awareness that slowly at this point. Everyone knows about the non-existent Lyriq much more than the population that knows about our awesome car.
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    Lucid’s opportunity to create brand ambassadors

    There are too few of us brand ambassadors to meaningfully impact sales. I hope Lucid starts a real advertising campaign focused on luxury, performance and RANGE. As other companies are cutting back on their advertising budgets (note how few car ads were played during the Superbowl) now is the...
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    Floor Mats

    I've bought the all-weather ones from lucid and am very happy with them.
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    I too had something similar happen to me yesterday and today. I approached the car and the handles presented themselves. I got into the car and shut the door. As I was putting in my seat belt the car shut off. The first time I woke the family by opening the door from inside. The alarm went...
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    Full XPEL PPF Complete

    Thanks. Your car looks great. I'm going to call them!
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    Full XPEL PPF Complete

    Who did you use? I'm in Manhattan.
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    Ah, thx!
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    I agree. The software keeps getting better and better. I did notice with this upgrade that the regenerative breaking is less on the highway than it has been. Has anyone else noticed this? If this is true, I do wish Kucid would have told us. I was a bit slow to apply the break the first time...
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    SiriusXM Megathread

    No issues at all....btw really enjoy the ability to scroll through xm favorites on the home screen.
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    Finally, my review! 2000+ mile road trip

    That is what I have been doing.
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    Range estimation information with 2.0.24

    That's what I've been going with too
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    Range question

    I had a similar situation. I did call service and they said that after 2500 miles of driving I should start seeing a big improvement. There is some sort of battery break in period. We will see.
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    Range Performance SF to LA

    The service rep said about 2500 miles.
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    SiriusXM Megathread

    How did you figure that out?
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    Great update. Thank you Lucid!