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  1. stevelitchfieldpark


    I've been in the car when it was 115 and was out and about yesterday and have never noticed any extra heat coming from my glass roof!
  2. stevelitchfieldpark

    Floor mats!

    I just got a reply from 3dmats stating that they don't have the trunk/frunk mats available yet. Do you have the order codes for black and gray?
  3. stevelitchfieldpark


    Good luck with that!
  4. stevelitchfieldpark

    Annual Service

    No I don't think a 2 day trip is normal for a yearly service, but I would make the trip before paying 3,000 to ship the vehicle!
  5. stevelitchfieldpark

    Annual Service

    Can't you just take it to Tysons Corner which is about a 6 hour drive and at most 2 night hotel which surely won't cost $3,000!
  6. stevelitchfieldpark

    Thanks for the scheduled charging! Just needs some tweaks

    My scheduled charging is working really well as the days that I want to charge I just plug it in within the 12 hour window each time and don't have to input anything unless I want to change the time to charge - not bad!
  7. stevelitchfieldpark

    EA free charging is a joke.

    I should have pointed out that I don't recommend Chargepoint not just because of problems charging but most chargepoint stations are very slow. I would recommend RVgo though
  8. stevelitchfieldpark

    EA free charging is a joke.

    When I go on a trip I'm prepared to pay at another charge station if there are problems at the EA station that I stop at instead of spending hours trying to get a free charge!
  9. stevelitchfieldpark

    Software Bugs

    My iPhone was not being recognized for the first time the last 2 days. I tried the key card, turning off/on Bluetooth, turning signal reset and nothing worked and had to input my password each time I got back in the car. I signed out of the Lucid app and then signed back in and the car now...
  10. stevelitchfieldpark

    Floor mats!

    I have the black and they look like mine!
  11. stevelitchfieldpark

    Floor mats!

    3D Mats Pics in Black I just received the black mats and think you can't go wrong ordering Gray or Black
  12. stevelitchfieldpark

    Ordering and Delivery: Lucid Air Touring

    I don't believe Lucid has even started producing any stealth's yet. You are probably seeing custom wraps done by shops for owners
  13. stevelitchfieldpark

    Lucid software issues

    You said you received your Touring 3 months ago but I haven't found any of your posts about delivery or anything about your problems before this post?
  14. stevelitchfieldpark


    I believe it means as stated: “reduced performance but still driveable”
  15. stevelitchfieldpark


    That's a given but your gripes can be more centered on the golf game
  16. stevelitchfieldpark


    A round works for me too! A suggestion is to take up golf or play more!
  17. stevelitchfieldpark

    Floor mats!

    I'm not feeling it but the frunk looks great. I don't think it will be 3-5 months for the 3d mats as mentioned the other day as I was told probably just another 30 days or so.
  18. stevelitchfieldpark

    Share your best pic!

    That's why all the props!
  19. stevelitchfieldpark


    Shut up and drive seems like a good idea to me
  20. stevelitchfieldpark

    A little birdie told me.. (CarPlay)

    I thought that you were looking forward to bug fixes?