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    Lucid Motors unveils a $69,900 version of its long-range, luxury electric sedan

    Lucid Motors is releasing a “more attainable” version of its recently revealed luxury electric sedan, the Lucid Air. At an unveiling event in September, Lucid said the base model would start at “around $80,000” — without revealing the actual price. Now the company says it has settled on a base...
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    Lucid Air Designer Derek Jenkins Talks Tesla-Beating EV Super Sedan

    Being an automotive designer at a major manufacturer doesn’t seem like an easy job. To start with, major companies like General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have decades (if not centuries) of history that designers need to consider. Add on the stresses of trying to satisfy fickle customers...
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    Lucid Motors Opens Studio & Service Center in Beverly Hills

    This weekend marks the opening of our...
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    We Air-Ride Along as Lucid Tests Its Air EV ahead of Production

    The 1080-hp Dream and 1300-hp performance versions of the upcoming Air luxury sedan will both be out next year, with Tesla firmly in their sights. We rode along in the preproduction Lucid Air Dream electric sedan as it tackled Laguna Seca. The 1080-hp Dream model will go on the market next...
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    Lucid Air | Exterior Design Introduction | Derek Jenkins, VP of Design

    Freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, the...
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    The 2021 Lucid Air Is Convincingly Ready For Action

    Lucid has put a lot of effort into creating headline-worthy statistics for the Air luxury electric sedan: 1,080 horsepower. Top speed over 200. Runs the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds. Up to an estimated 517 miles of EPA range, Lucid says. Any one of those would make me sit up and take notice, but...
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    Lucid Air Configurator Does Not Reveal Packages And Extras Pricing

    All cars still show only the prices Lucid revealed at the premiere – and the federal tax credit. After Lucid revealed the production version of the Air, we were almost sure the company would not hide any other secrets from us – apart from the Lucid Gravity. The online car configurator shows we...
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    Lucid Air’s interior colors are an ode to California’s natural beauty

    Lucid drew inspiration for its interior colors for the Air from the natural beauty of the company’s home state, California. While using different times of the day and different areas within the state to inspire colors, the company released its first production car on the birthday of California...
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    Here’s every angle of the all-electric Lucid Air in pictures

    After years of development, Lucid Motors took the wraps off the Air, an electric luxury sedan that was unveiled Wednesday in a live-streamed event. The Air combines high-end features with eye-popping performance specs and technology that puts it in the same luxury category as a Mercedes S...
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    Lucid Motors’ second act will be an all-electric SUV called Gravity

    Lucid Motors provided Wednesday a peek of the next vehicle in its all-electric lineup — an SUV called the Lucid Gravity. The Lucid Gravity follows the Air, a luxury all-electric sedan that was revealed Wednesday in a live streamed event. The Gravity, which will have the same underlying vehicle...
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    Official Lucid Air Launch Event (9.9) Thread
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    Official Lucid Air Launch Event (9.9) Thread

    =AZVBwIOGXopPlDnWVWfDkarRgWPrDeCL8ikH1DveLkO1kAJ0084YbNvgJIWvTM2WX8-kwUrxn-bEO_nspGFGxiuPi0D9obIVipzyj3q9JhFQ8UJleJdiidKHhpZC9GFI90vZsTTV_VKqNBSkZJiDoKzbm-XtE9eDqlRKAFCECm1yYA&__tn__=*NK*F']#LucidAir is resetting the benchmarks: -World’s Quickest Sedan -World’s fastest charging -World’s longest...
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    Official Lucid Air Launch Event (9.9) Thread

    Looks like RoadShow on YouTube is doing a LiveStream of the event. I will embed the video to the top of this thread.
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    Official Lucid Air Launch Event (9.9) Thread

    Celebrating California's 170th birthday today, we also prepare to welcome the =AZUEIgbvEcyAWO75B3qBxGojEUe_CBMRPREpGxwyE_k0D0hMX17JcYSaUU0HsmPImq9XxNFJPV31AU5k6kPBPApC0JIZu5102XTKlN-SKG_8dGFyEOecxPwJ0YFeN3vcxzULSZNPLJOmuZCtQzRDL0lRm6OIJau-V3I_R_EoBYzvDg&__tn__=*NK*F']#LucidAir into the world -...
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    Market realizing Tesla’s leading EV tech: Lucid Motors CEO

    Video that I can't embed here. But here is the link:
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    Lucid Air Wagon Is The Perfect Electric SUV Antidote

    Lucid will reveal its second model, an SUV, soon, but should it also create a load-lugging version of the Air sedan? The Lucid Air electric sedan is set to debut today in its production form and there is a big chance the company will also show off a preview version of its second model, an SUV...
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    Official Lucid Air Launch Event (9.9) Thread

    Official Lucid Air Launch Thread for our small community to come together to share what we find before the launch and for discussions, questions, and feedback during/after the live stream. Watch the livestream by RoadShow