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  1. CraZ8

    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Getting back from Atlanta today. So I’m guessing Apple car play dropped?
  2. CraZ8

    My Second Flat Tire In A Month

    I switched to 19s after two blowouts and 4 bent rims in two months due to NYs third world roads. They are not as pretty but the 20s were not available a year ago which might be a good compromise between the 21s and 19s. Anyone have blowouts on the 20s yet?
  3. CraZ8

    Do we not have NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air?

    Flying out to pick up a puppy to replace the dog we lost in December. Won’t be available 😥
  4. CraZ8

    Trunk won’t open

    Lucid mobile service came out and looked. I will need a trunk lock mechanism. More interesting was in talking to the tech. At 1 year Lucid intends for a service check for filters, fob and visor batteries, rotate tires top all fluids. They are not sure if this will be accomplished by mobile techs...
  5. CraZ8

    Passenger Door Would Not Open

    Interesting, that’s a new glitch. Also did you just finish reading Ulysses by James Joyce? I believe it’s the best example of stream of consciousness writing.
  6. CraZ8

    Trunk won’t open

    You’re a genius. Tried it and it worked. One hitch I still have is you grab the latch button and the trunk only comes up 3 or 4 inches then stops. You have to grab a second time to get the trunk all the way open
  7. CraZ8

    Trunk won’t open

    Today after getting back from shopping I took some groceries out of the trunk and shut it. Later I washed the car and went to open the trunk but all that happened is I heard the motor strain for a second and then quit. The same when I used the pilot panel button. It seems the latch is not...
  8. CraZ8

    Blank pilot and right panels, @ 2.0.50 software

    Had that this morning as well but complete dark on right panel and pilot panel. Not even the starry skies. A blinker reset did the the trick. I haven’t had that problem for a few updates
  9. CraZ8

    Do we not have NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air?

    Ok will figure on a different date. The rest of April is shot for me. Is this Saturday a possibility?
  10. CraZ8

    Do we not have NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air?

    I have room for about 15 Cars in my parking lot in front of the house with another 5 or 6 at a second parking area just below. I sit there on 10 acres with a 1000 foot driveway so plenty of room
  11. CraZ8

    Do we not have NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air?

    How’s this for a plan? Saturday or Sunday April 1 or 2 we meet at my place at 10 am for coffee and donuts spend about an hour here taking inventory of each others cars and admiring the view. At 11 we head out over the bear mountain bridge to the goat path up to Beacon and then over to the...
  12. CraZ8

    Do we not have NJ/NY/PA/CT meet ups for Lucid Air?

    I’d be down for that. I know of a couple of great twisty roads next to the Hudson River that are featured in numerous car commercials and appear in the best of lists. 218 or old 9w between West Point and Cornwall and the goat trail (9D ) between Bear mountain and Peekskill
  13. CraZ8

    Nice article in Car and Driver on tuning the Sapphire

    This months Car and Driver features an extensive article on track tuning the Sapphire by the factory techs and test drivers with the author of the piece getting some driving time. It’s extremely informative and also very complimentary to the lucid team and the sapphire. Great write up, check it out
  14. CraZ8

    Screen flashing with a dozen various error messages!!!

    If you were in a plane I’d call in a mayday!
  15. CraZ8

    2.5 Months and no Contact From Service

    In all honesty I believe his SA. Lucid seems to have some lines of communication and procedures that are not set in stone and often criss cross and invariably get lost. In all my interactions with Lucid to address issues I’ve dealt with service , lucid direct, the subcontractor doing the...
  16. CraZ8

    A question for those with higher mileage Lucids

    15,300 miles in no squeaks or rattles. I hit another pothole last night that rattled my fillings but thankfully no blow out or loosening of anything in the cabin. I’ll just have to check the rim today to see if I have bent an inner flange.
  17. CraZ8

    Sneak Preview: Lucid TV Commercial during The Oscars® 2023

    The car looks great in the adds although the Narrator is very short on specifics.They should have used a Zenith red with shadow trim but hey I’m not in marketing.
  18. CraZ8

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Obviously the director had been married for a while…
  19. CraZ8

    Yet another Lucid Air Review - Sarah-n-Tuned

    She does talks a lot about measurements. Why are women so concerned with the size of things? She also dresses nice
  20. CraZ8


    Does it make EA charging easier and faster?