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    Android auto dead?

    I agree, I hope Android auto comes out soon as well, but I know they did it based on data and numbers. Statistics in the USA suggest most higher income individuals and those more likely to buy expensive things are iphone users by a reasonable margin. They probably did their research and I'd...
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    Android Auto Thursday

    Agree! Unfortunately I feel the wait will not be short. I recall at the Lucid owners holiday party, one of the execs mentioned that carplay would be first, but the way he said it, he didn't give the impression Android would be immediately afterwards 😔 But I'm hopeful before mid summer... though...
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    So I should say after the *.50 update, the cameras seem to work again! Now back to waiting for Android Auto... 🤣
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    No not for me, I told customer service the same. May try reset again
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    Sorry I meant upper cockpit panel for homelink. On the pilot panel, it's habit that I turn it off while still going about 10mph down my street to access temp, seating, and also it's much easier to navigate the media with the pull down on the pilot panel compared to the real estate of the...
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    I'll add that I live on a long neighborhood street with kids, so when I back out, my cameras / surround view cameras don't turn off. Hence I routinely "X" out of surround view. It's after I hit X to close the surround view screen, that I am no longer getting the cameras to return. Maybe if I...
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    Agree with others I updated, and now on 0.48 my cameras aren't working. No reset or maneuver brought them back... I called into customer care and they said this is an issue they're aware of. I asked that if they could fix this and get back to getting Android auto out. It's amusing how pretty...
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    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    I'm hoping for Android Auto, but at the holiday party, a managing staff member vaguely mentioned that carplay is coming soon, and that it would be before android auto (much to my disappointment)... But provided details over what was implied be "soon" !! Can't wait for these updates especially...
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    Touring GVWR (Gross Volume Weight Ratio)

    I'm interested in this question, and will need to discuss with an accountant early Never thought about it until you mentioned it, but I recently took delivery of a GT and have only made a few business related trips... So this qualification would be useful. I assumed previously that there was no...
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    Navigation Settings

    Agree it was a less than ideal choice. Also I suspect many of you have noticed that even when zooming in and out, certain things don't always change, such as size of text for streets... But who needs to know the names of the streets 😆 Very much awaiting Google / android auto.
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    Discussion on 20” wheels

    I just posted first time recently, with a picture in another thread. I personally think that for most real world and highway driving, the 20 is excellent, well balanced, with more than enough comfort while maintaining road feel. To give you some perspective, I upgraded to the Lucid from an...
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    Share your best pic!

    I just got my car, Cosmos Silver with 20" wheels and fully charged it read 493 I believe. So far the driving has been fun. Will have to become more active and post a better picture soon!