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  1. magesh

    CarPlay is here! - Megathread

    Yeah. Not a good way, imo, to 'caste out' Android users. Sorry Lucid. IMO, this WAS a wrong move.
  2. magesh


    After 2.0.55 the past week, I have noticed on a couple of occasions, the entire sound system is 'dead. I mean eveything. No Alexa, no audible notifications for the turn indicators, no music, no warning, nada. Just a very silent car. And secondly, the wipers don't work. (I have videos of both.)...
  3. magesh

    Dual wireless charger! Finally.

    ++1 for the DIY / link. TIA.
  4. magesh

    EA starts charging session but no current (Southern CA)

    This may help .. or not. I have been told to 'initiate' the charge from the phone app. I had a similar experience last week & called Lucid CSR. Even though, you are connected, vehicle validated, etc on the EA screen, I have been starting the 'charge' from the phone app. Good luck.
  5. magesh

    Electrify America Issues

    Is there a formal method/process to ask Lucid to chime in on the EA issue? I think it would be wise to start using other chargers and Lucid should look into reimbursing those charges. (Yes the $ may miniscule, but its the principle, since Lucid did advertise 'n' years of free charging.) (And...
  6. magesh

    Electrify America Issues

    Just saw this. If somebody can validate the authenticity of this article, that would be helpful. https://driveteslacanada.ca/news/electrify-america-faces-more-issues-at-rivian-r1t-gets-fried-at-station-in-california/
  7. magesh

    Electrify America Issues

    So ... this happened to me yday and another EA rant unfortunately. Pulled up to one of the 4 EA (all 150kw) chargers, plugged in and within a minute a Ioniq pulls up and charges from the same 'bank/row'. I see my speed drop to 47kw and not thrilled with the Ioniq driver, since she could have...
  8. magesh

    Software Bugs

    Switch profiles. And revert to yours. That has been one of the solutions. YMMV.
  9. magesh

    Non OEM 20" wheel recommendation

    Any of you have switched your OEM 21" to aftermarket 20" wheels? If so, where did you find them? And please share pix. Secondly: Any noticeable difference in ride quality? Easy on the bumps/potholes? Does the wheel well look ugly now? TIA for your replies. Cheers Magesh P.S: I see Discount...
  10. magesh

    PSA and Q

    Ahh ... That's why the car notified me when I was about a mile in, on the highway, that HA was available. Even though I was double tapping the button to engage HA & it kept reverting to ACC. A weird way to implement imo. Oh well. ON another note, again since I'm trying to get upto speed (pun...
  11. magesh

    PSA and Q

  12. magesh

    PSA and Q

    My Q was: Does lane centering engage only when HA is set? I beleive the answer is yes. Not under Adaptive cruise (AC). Which makes no sense to me. Absolutely no sense. To answer you Q: I engaged HA and lane centering works. And under HA, AC also works!!!. So now I'm doubly puzzled about the...
  13. magesh

    PSA and Q

    Have been out of the country for about 4 months on vacation & PSA I did all updates till the current one (2.0.50) while overseas. The car was plugged in the entire 4 months at about 70% charge. Every single update went flawlessly. Q: I took the car out today, after a reset (valet card), and...
  14. magesh

    Oregon+Southwest Washington Group

    Service has been top notch. I have not encountered any major repairs as yet for them to truck it back to SEA SC. My friend's car was trucked back though. In my case, they came over to replace the rear window shade. And replace the fob batteries. I ride 21s on my AGT. I had 20s on MS. Yes, there...
  15. magesh

    Any Good Charger?

    Got a response from EA. " Hi xxxxxxxx Thank you for reaching out to Electrify Home! There is not currently a recall for our HomeStation, we have been however replacing specific units that have shown to be charging at a slower rate. I have looked up your unit, and your serial number does not...
  16. magesh

    Any Good Charger?

    Hmmm. Not aware of the recall. I'm overseas now and will need to reach them after my return.
  17. magesh

    Any Good Charger?

    I think it was like $50/- off. After Clark County (Washington) rebates, I ended up paying $60/- for this unit, I believe.
  18. magesh

    Newest update

    Thanks. Guessed as much. Will see if SC can help me. 2.0.13 update was only 5 minutes long and concerned. Or was that up date approx 5 minutes long?
  19. magesh

    Newest update

    I'm traveling and on the other side of tie planet for now. Got the update notice and installed it via the mobile app. Now, how do I check if the update went through successfully, via the mobile app?
  20. magesh

    Android auto how many out there are truly interested in it.....

    I am. FWIW, based on the threads I read, Android Auto is ready to be released, but Carplay is holding it back due to some Apple+Lucid negotiations. Unsure which is true or not. Lucid wants to release both at the same time.