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    Any Lucid owners who are previously Tesla owners? Curious about your thoughts on your experience and if you prefer Lucid

    I agree with your comments having owned all three vehicles you mentioned. The model x did improve with the 2022 refresh but still lacks refinement for the price . Supercharger network is vastly superior to electrify america.
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    19" vs 21" Tires: Ride Quality/Range Difference

    So it looks like you spent about 3000 for non aero wheels through tire rack . I paid just over 4k for a factory set installed by lucid.
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    19" vs 21" Tires: Ride Quality/Range Difference

    My car came with 21 inch wheels and summer tires. I bought the OEM 19 inch wheels and all season tires for the winter months . I don’t notice much difference in ride quality between the two. The 21 inch wheels definitely look better in my opinion as they are a nicer design. If you have a...
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    Unexpected Frunk Opening

    I had the frunk latch warning light - they are changing the latching mechanism on my car.
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    Former Lucid manager alleges the EV startup failed to report vehicle repairs made ahead of customer deliveries, sues for wrongful termination

    Repairing the vehicle prior to delivery seems perfectly fine to me as long as the repairs are to an original standard. Better than getting my Tesla model x delivered with all sorts of defects and having to get them fixed while I own the car.
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    Please critique my piece in Barron's

    Disappointing that Barrons would publish such a biased article unsupported by sufficient facts. Journalists should be held responsible for such biased reporting. I too have had a great ownership experience with my Air GT but for software issues that had no impact on the drivability or...
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    New Member Seeking Used Grand Touring (Zenith Red) in DE-NJ-NYC Area

    Why are you selling at cost after one week
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    Met my SA and test drove Lucid AGT Yesterday, some new info

    I have zenith red with Santa Monica interior. It is fine except the white carpets are difficult to keep clean and i have purchased a set of factory charcoal carpeted mats to replace the white mats. i have not seen a custom winter (rubber) mat available yet but would purchase those if they...
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    Enthusiast Canceling after the Launch event - in Depth Reasons/discrepancies noted

    360 degree cameras and any driver assist feature including adaptive cruise is optional on a Porsche taycan. I had a 175k turbo that didn’t have folding mirrors because it was a $400 option and I didn’t realize i needed to order it. By the way I sold that car a month after i got the lucid as...
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    Software update V2.0.13

    Just got 2.013
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    I would like to get Sirius also

    I would like to get Sirius also
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    Lucid-EA connection failure?

    Took my BMW IX on road trip as i was concerned about lucid and without 2.0 software the lucid infotainment and ADAS are inferior to BMW systems. EA Charger near home works perfectly for plug and charge. Next EA charger in Maryland plug and charge doesn’t work. Use App and car starts...
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    Lucid UX 2.0 is worth the wait

    Great news. Can’t wait. Can you get navigation and media on screen at the same time?
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    Another review: Software troubles are holding this car back

    I owned a 2020 Porsche Tycan and Porsche had similar issues where cars were bricking and 12 volt battery didn’t work. These software issues were eventually fixed. I was lucky in that when I took delivery of my Tycan all the issues were solved and I had two years of trouble free driving...
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    Disappointing Surreal Sound Pro

    Does anyone else have trouble streaming . I can’t get any consistent stream of music. Car is constantly cutting out as if there is no signal. I assume this a defect in my car and not the norm.
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    C8 or Lucid Air - time to decide

    I assume you mean the C8 corvette: The C8 is a totally different car - it’s a two seater sports car. The Air is a luxury sedan that has the capability to drive like a sports car when you want it to or a luxury sedan when you want that option. The C8 is the third car that you drive...
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    Disappointing Surreal Sound Pro

    Putting Barney aside - I just have terrible streaming in the car. Tidal doesn’t work well. Are others having this problem. Has anyone added Sirius XM is that possible.
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    Poll: Lucid Air Touring/Pure Reservation Holders, if the new EV tax bill passes, would you reconsider your reservation?

    I thought the deposit was refundable until you confirmed your order which was some time after your initial reservation and about 4 months before production. Given pure production hasn’t started I would check with lucid. I don’t believe your reservation is transferable .
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    Grand Touring vs Touring Features

    The footwell issue is not a big deal as the rear seat legroom is huge. I’ve had no complaints