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  1. Pwmac

    AMP-2 Opening September 27

    @Adnillien I can't get that rsvp button to work. :)
  2. Pwmac

    LCID stock getting closer to $5

    Possible idiot here too. Bought more today.
  3. Pwmac

    FS: 2022 GT, Black / Tahoe / 19", DDP, SSP, 7k miles

    Looks like chatgpt prefers the black color so this probably won't last long. GLWYS!
  4. Pwmac

    21 inch wheels non freshly powder coated

    Lowered to $2000
  5. Pwmac

    19 inch wheels freshly powder coated

    I think this last line pretty much sums it up. I'm going to have to lower the price on my non freshly powder coated 21s because there appears to be low demand.
  6. Pwmac

    Do you have a car show sheet or poster ?

    I like the information listed on this better than the v.1 eye chart. Personally I'm not fan of the font because the all caps seems to be screaming but that's a subjective opinion. Maybe a white board with black letters and just the Lucid logo instead of car pics?
  7. Pwmac

    2.0 mi/kWh - Max AC in 110 heat

    Mine's been below 2 mi/kWh for the past couple months. I figured it was because of all the AC precooling I've been doing and the car trying to keep the battery cool.
  8. Pwmac

    Do you have a car show sheet or poster ?

    Here are some more specs you might want to include. https://www.lucidmotors.com/air/specs https://www.lucidmotors.com/air/performance
  9. Pwmac

    21 inch wheels non freshly powder coated

    $2400 obo - no shipping but can deliver in the phoenix area if needed Set of OEM 21" Aero Blade wheels - 2 wheels had a little curb rash but they have been fixed and can't notice Tires have 6000 miles and 3 are in good shape. Noticed today one has the start of a blister and is circled in pic...
  10. Pwmac


    Thankfully no chip. Here's picture of my old ding. If paint's involved might have to go to an approved body shop.
  11. Pwmac


    I didn't need any paint. They just popped out a door ding. Not sure if they do paint because they specialize in "paintless" dent repair.
  12. Pwmac


    I took an old car here and they did a great job. Super fast too. I was impressed. https://rrdents.com
  13. Pwmac

    Key fob desired

    Yes. I have passive unlock off and almost exclusively just push in on handle when walking up.
  14. Pwmac

    Key fob desired

    Pushing in the handle should wake up and unlock the car. It works for me all the time. Could the cover on your fob be blocking it?